Multimedia, a term that was popular in the early aughts, is defined as "a single piece of content that is delivered across multiple media technologies (for example: an on-camera interview that is turned into a DVD, a text only blog post and an audio podcast)."

Transmedia refers to one narrative story or experience that is delivered across multiple media channels or platforms. The viewer experiences many pieces of content out of one story (for example: you watch five webisodes on your phone, you follow the characters on instagram, you interact with the storyline via several pop up events in your city and you subscribe to the behind the scenes channel on YouTube). The entire story plays in sync across all of these different platforms. Each medium makes its own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story.

When we say "we take a holistic approach to transmedia projects," we mean we start with the end result and work backwards from there. The goal might be to move the needle a bit in an untapped demographic or market. It might be to increase mindshare. Or it could be making a splash in a new industry or vertical. Whatever the end result might be, we start with that and back into it from there. Our team researches, collaborates, strategizes and presents the strongest concept to the team and from there, we set out to execute. We plan the work and work the plan. 

Of course there's a lot more to it than that but these are the broad strokes. There is not a "one size fits all" approach to transmedia. Every project is unique and may require the skill sets of people who come from different industries. One project might require the use of licensed music and/or an original score. Another project might require research and writing of marketing content for a specific medical field. We believe that taking a cinematic approach to transmedia projects works best since filmmaking blends great literature, music, acting, cinematography, editing and marketing together into an impactful medium. 

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